Press Release Translation Services

Submitting press releases online is an effective way of shouting about your services.
Our Press Release Translation service handles the translation of press releases and as an optional extra we submit them to the major online distribution websites.

If your firm has international reach you need to translate all your press releases into the languages of nations where you want to increase your presence. But it’s not something you can accomplish alone – you need a translation partner with the depth and experience to produce those multilingual releases while the news is still fresh.

Fortunately, with Asya Translation you will find responsive and professional translators who turn out and help place first-rate translated press releases, all at affordable prices.
As Asya Translation, we ensure our translations are accurate and represent exactly what you stated in your original release. When they reach the editor’s desk in a target city, there’s a high probability the release will be published thanks to the quality of translation.

Having worked with multinational companies and daily newspapers, Asya Translation is organized to serve the particular needs of this industry. We are organized to provide last minute changes and a quick turnaround on time-sensitive projects.

The following are some of the media related documents we offer:
• Books
• Brochures and Other Marketing Materials
• Corporate Communications
• Customer Letters and Invoice
• Digital Content
• Full Press Kits
• Multimedia Presentations
• News Articles
• Press Releases
• TV and Radio Reports etc.

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