Legal Translation Services

Legal translation requires great expertise as any change in the meaning can prove to be very critical. Skilled legal translation is not just a matter of knowing the source language, but being familiar with the legal subject matter and institutions in the target language as well. Legal translation services in over 150 languages provided by our professional agency are trusted by some of the largest and well known law firms, businesses and solicitors based in Turkey as well as international organizations operating from many parts of the world. We are known amongst our clients for fast turnaround times, competitive prices and professional approach to each project that we undertake. With our expertise, we managed to build a very large network of global specialists, highly qualified legal translators and expert linguists. As ASYA TRANSLATION, we, translate all kinds of legal documents and text meticulously with our translation personnel who have specialized in Turkish Law system and International Law and Regulations. The terminology for legal documents is very important and can have no ambiguity. We understand that the slightest of error in the translation of a legal document can cause confusion and significant consequences. Therefore, we only use translators who are suitably qualified to translate legal documents. Many of our specialist translators are Lawyers who also have language degrees. We provide legal translation services in more than 40 languages primarily in English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, German, Spanish and Italian.

We work with numerous law firms to translate any type of document from contracts, expert reports and legal reports, to financial and commercial reports in the fields of international law, personal and family law, employment law, commercial law, immigration law, consumer rights, intellectual property rights, trade disputes, medical errors and bankruptcy, among others.

Major Areas in Legal Translation
• Administrative Law translation
• All Kinds of Legal Petitions translation
• All kinds of texts that contain a legal language translation
• Civil Code translation
• Commercial Law translation
• Constitutional Law translation
• Court Decision translation
• Criminal Law translation
• Customs Report translation
• Dealership Agreements translation
• European Union Law translation
• Insurance Law translation
• International Law translation
• Laws and Regulations translation
• Lawsuit Petition translation
• Legal Agreements translation
• Legal Opinion translation
• Litigation (certified translations and attorney work products)
• Maritime Law translation
• Mergers & acquisitions
• Patents translation
• Power of Attorney translation
• Property Law translation
• Public Law translation
• Rental Contracts translation
• Tax Code translation
• Tax law translation
• Tender Documents translation
• Witness Statements translation

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