Literary Translation Services

Literary and artistic translation is a translation service requiring experience and information. It is important that differences between two cultures are conveyed correctly and apprehensible as well as knowing language. These differences can be traditions, religious and cultural items. So, it is required knowing not only language but also research and development. Main examples are novels, stories, theatres, scenarios, poems, fables, etc.

Literary translation services are crucial when ensuring that authors are able to convey their intended messages and themes to their international audiences. At Asya Translation, we have over a decade of experience in providing our clients with accurate, reliable literary translations in a cost-effective, deadline-oriented manner.

Asya Translation performs literary translations in nearly 40 different languages. Our commitment to excellence and accuracy is strengthened by our versatility, as we meet a variety of literary translation needs for both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Some of the various types of literary translations we perform include:
• Literary translations in philosophy, psychology and sociology
• Translation of films, theatres, documentaries
• Translation of All kind of historic documents
• Translation of novels, stories and poems
• Translation of introductory documents
• Translation in tourism sector
• Translation of local information

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