Interpretation Equipment

What is an interpretation equipment system?
It is a system that is required in order for simultaneous translation services to be offered. It is a must for such services. These systems are used in large events like meetings, conferences or seminars, fairs where translation between two or more languages is to take place. Simultaneous interpreting is used mainly in conferences. Thanks to modern technology, equipment has enabled the audience to hear interpretation at the exact time that the speaker is talking. With the help of equipment and professionally trained conference interpreters, your conference will go off without a hitch.

Asya Translation, we employ top-notch, state-of-the-art technology to ensure quality performance in any simultaneous interpretation settings. We will take care of every aspect of your needs from the technical set-up of all equipment to the provision of interpreters to the recording of proceedings. Flexibility is a priority to us and we are aware that conferences and meetings come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how big or small your request we can ensure you get the interpreting equipment you need. From small scale business meetings to multilingual conferences, we have the first hand experience to guarantee satisfaction.

Our rental services include:
• Amplifier + Mixer + Speaker
• Audio-Visual equipment, projectors, screens, flat screen monitors, video cameras
• CD Player
• Central Control Unit
• Chair Microphone Systems
• Desk Microphones
• Digital and Analogue Mixers
• DJ Systems
• Headset Microphone
• Integrus Systems
• IR Radiator
• Karaoke
• Lapel Microphone
• Lightening systems
• Portable interpretation equipment (PTX), used for tours or where space is limited
• Press Mixers
• Simultaneous Cabins ( for conference interpreters )
• Simultaneous Collar Microphone
• Simultaneous Desk Microphone
• Simultaneous interpretation equipment with isolation booth and wireless headphones, FM and infrared
• Simultaneous Interpreter Microphone
• Simultaneous System ( Mono or Multi)
• Sound amplification equipment, speakers, microphones, conference microphones, wireless microphones
• Speaker Setups
• Tape Deck
• Teleconference Systems
• Video conference equipment with simultaneous interpretation
• Voting systems
• Wireless Hand Microphone

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