Simultaneous Interpreting

What is simultaneous interpreting?
The Latin root of simultaneous is simul, which also means "at the same time. “Simultaneous interpretation” is an instant interpretation service where an interpreter translates the speaker simultaneously by using special sound systems. Simultaneous Interpretation is a process which allows people to communicate directly across language and cultural boundaries using specialized technology and professional interpreters who are trained to listen to one language while speaking simultaneously in another. An interpretation system is required in order for simultaneous interpretation to take place. Using a microphone, headset and other essential technical equipment, the interpreter listens to the speaker inside a booth and simultaneously delivers translated speech to the audience in the target language.

Simultaneous interpretation is often used for committee, directors and board meetings, large meetings and conferences. Interpretation services are highly specialized translation area that demands accurate and complete translation orally with the same speech rate as the speaker. The lag time is required to be very short. Interpreters that handle such services are required to master the culture and language completely. They should also have knowledge about the topic that is discussed, experience as well as training.

About Simultaneous Interpreters (Conference Interpreters)
Simultaneous interpretation is a unique skill that requires far more than the ability to speak multiple languages. Simultaneous interpreters or conference interpreters have years of highly specialized education and training, the rare talent of being able to listen to one language while speaking another, and knowledge of terminology in tremendously varying fields.. Many freelance interpreters are booked for events around the world months in advance.

Asya Translation enjoys the justified pride of giving many simultaneous services since it was established in 2003. Our company has a quality and experienced team in simultaneous interpretation. We feel honored to help your future interpretation projects. Simultaneous interpretation requirement is getting more and more common and necessary in increasingly globalized world. Asya Translation will offer solutions for your requirements in this area.

General Working Details at Simultaneous Interpretation Service
• We work with professional conference interpreters; each specialized in their respective fields. Interpreters are bound by confidentiality agreements, within the framework of which they may not share information that is disclosed to them with third parties.
• For meetings with a scheduled time of 1.5 hours, 2 interpreters are assigned to the booth. The daily shift of a simultaneous interpreter is 3 hours in total. During the daily working hours (08:30-18:00), 2 simultaneous interpreters are allocated to an event. A third interpreter will have to be assigned to meetings with a planned schedule beyond this period of time.
• Asya Translation guarantee to complete readiness of equipment and interpreter one hour before the activity.
• Interpreter cabin must be placed in where the interpreter can see the hall and outer factors disturbing interpreter must be minimized.
• Materials relevant to the occasion in question, such as presentations, catalogues, websites etc., are requested from clients in order to allow interpreters to be prepared as necessary.

Our Simultaneous Interpretation Areas
• Congress, fair and conferences
• Consulate meetings
• Dealership meetings
• Fashion shows
• Focus groups
• Launch events
• Medical congress and meetings
• Ministry meetings
• National and international gatherings
• Opening events
• Press conferences
• Product promotion events
• Seminars
• Television, radio etc. broadcasts and streams
• Training seminars etc.

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